Kashmiri Pandits & 19 January 1990 (Black Night)

19 January 1990 was the blackest night of Independent democratic India against kashmiri pandits hindu minority in Kashmir by kashmiri muslims in modern Indian history .On 19 Jan 1990 night kashmiri pandits were brutally murdered,raped & their home was set on fire.Kashmiri pandits crime was nothing except being a hindu among muslims majority region.

Suddely thousands of muslim nocked the door of kashmiri pandits on 19 January 1990 night & started murder & rape of kashmiri pandits who were sleeping in their home.Terrorist and muslims anounced in Masjid by loudspeaker that either accept Islaam or ready to die .At least 1500 kashmiri pandits were gunned down,many were burnt alive and many kashmiri pandits women was gang raped & many hindu temple demolised by muslims.So Kashmiri pandits were compelled to leave kashmir just becase of muslims animalism to save their life & dignity.

In 1947 kashmiri pandits were 15% in Kashmir but now they are close to zero% as majority of muslims never like growth and development of any other communities in any part of the world whether it is India or pakistan or in any muslims majority region of the world.No one guessed in early 1990s that one day there were no kashmiri pandits in kashmir and kashmiri pandits will compelled to leave kashmir just because of Islamic animalism.

30 year completed and till now most of kashmiri pandits are living like refugee and they still not get back their home and properties which was looted by muslims ,even govt. of India have not proper data for damage done on 19 1990 and this is also a black spot on Independent Indian democratic systems & secularism.

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