BAN ON POLITCS in all the Indian University

Nowadays Indian universities and its educational center changed in political center due to effect of modern politicization and political conspiracy , this is badly effected on educational system of India.Educational campus looking like parliament campus as every political issues covering by student union leader and their supporter , in easy word student started to support political party issues without considering the fact that which issue is national & which issue is antinational.

Political leader is using to student like puppet.University student like JNU,AMU,Jamia or DU etc. waisting their precious time to protesting and supporting to political leader and party to the voilent lavel.Many student jumped in political drama just because of gaining popularity in media and opting politics as a second carrier option as many student union leader is now minister and well settled in Indian Politics.

But many students who came only for serious study they are facing problem and disturbance due to such type of violent political atmosphere.So now this is time to think to stop political drama and political conspiracy to save valauable life and future of crores students.

Healthy debate on any topic is always good but many students have lost their mind to deffrenciate that what is good and what is bad & crossed the good line and adopted the bad one.Many politcal parties and celibrities supporting such type of antinational and voilent students beacause of their own personal benfit,actually there are big politcal & professinal conspiracy behind this game & now this is the time for student to avoid such activities and need to concentrate on study.

Name of the “Right to Speak” antinational slogans given by any students in univedrsity campus is not acutually right to speak , this is hinious crime against nation as students are using government funded ground to protest against government of India.Some celibrities and politcal leader is using university students like JNU for their own benfit and misguiding to students.Students are back bone of any civilized country ,so uncivilized and antinational activities need to be avoid by students.

Political leaders and celebrities should not encurrrage such antinational activities or students as antinational students will not be good for the development of country.So if students are starting to involve in antinational activities or in any political presence then this is right time to “Ban on politics in all Indian unversity” by Indian government for peacefull deovernment of the nation.

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