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Kashmiri Pandits & 19 January 1990 (Black Night)

19 January 1990 was the blackest night of Independent democratic India against kashmiri pandits hindu minority in Kashmir by kashmiri muslims in modern Indian history .On 19 Jan 1990 night kashmiri pandits were brutally murdered,raped & their home was set on fire.Kashmiri pandits crime was nothing except being a hindu among muslims majority region. Suddely thousands of muslim nocked the door of kashmiri pandits on 19 January 1990 night & started murder & rape of […]

BAN ON POLITCS in all the Indian University

Nowadays Indian universities and its educational center changed in political center due to effect of modern politicization and political conspiracy , this is badly effected on educational system of India.Educational campus looking like parliament campus as every political issues covering by student union leader and their supporter , in easy word student started to support political party issues without considering the fact that which issue is national & which issue is antinational. Political leader is […]

Pakistan’s minorities v/s India

Minority population in Pakistan was 23% at the time of independence in 1947 and now it is less than 3% , and on the other hand minority population in India was 15% and it is booming rapidly to approx. 30% just double from the time of independence. Religious descrimination is the main reason of decrease and decay of minority population in Pakistan & in India minorities have equal rights to grow and cherish that’s why […]